Landscapes - Marc Perrella
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Sundown at The Bend

Horseshoe Bend - As a photographer, you stand here....and a thousand thoughts go through your head. First, and most obvious, don't step forward. After that you stand mesmerized at the sight… because no matter how many times you have been here, it is always absolutely breathtaking and surreal. A 1000 ft precipice above a 180 degree bend in the Colorado River, carved by nothing but water and time. How do you capture it? How do you do it justice when thousands of better photographers have stood in this exact spot. But then it hits you that no two sunsets are alike and no one else will have captured this exact moment at this exact time. So, you shoot a few frames, pack up your stuff, grab your water…..and just sit on the edge…watching day give way to night…when all that is left is the moonlight and the rushing sound of the water below.

From Utah and Arizona