Landscapes - Marc Perrella
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Wailua Falls - Kauai

This is Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai. It’s easy to get here by car and there is a really nice vantage point where you can view the 85 foot falls from above…..but the view from the bottom was just screaming out to us, and we found this really steep path through woods that got us down there. It took about 20 minutes, some ropes and some trekking through mud but we made it. At the bottom, we licked our wounds and stood there being pretty impressed with ourselves……. until we started noticing lots of other people down there…..people than looked like they had much less of a workout than we did. Come to find out there is a pretty easy walking path that gets you there too. I guess we could have done that…but then I wouldn’t have had this overdramatic story to tell.

From Hawaii