Landscapes - Marc Perrella
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Sand Flow In Antelope Canyon

If you’re in Page, Arizona, my guess is it’s for one of 2 reasons…..Horseshoe Bend or Antelope Canyon. You’ve probably seen pics of both. Horseshoe Bend is that awesome overlook where the Colorado River makes a 270 degree turn, twisting through huge sandstone cliffs. The view is amazing…and a bit daunting, since there is nothing protecting you from the 1000ft drop to the promised land. A few miles away is Antelope Canyon, a pair of slot canyons cutting through Navajo land just east of Page. Being there is pretty indescribable. Lower Antelope Canyon requires you to squeeze through a crack in the ground and climb down about a 2-story staircase, which keeps a good portion of tourists away. Upper Antelope Canyon, however, is all above ground and, aside from the discomfort of inhaling a bunch of sandstone dust, is pretty easy to navigate around. The Upper Canyon is known for these beautiful shafts of light that find their way in through all the stone crevices and hit the canyon floor. I was there on a cloudy day so there wasn’t much of that. But the lack of bright sunlight also brought out amazing colors in the rock walls. So, all good. This shot was taken in the early afternoon in Upper Antelope Canyon. There was a Navajo guy and his son leading us around. I sort of had a different image of what it would be like being led by a true Native American. I thought back to that public service announcement years ago where the Native American guy is walking around and there is trash all over the place…and, as the camera closes in on his face (and the music builds) you see a single tear fall down his face. It was on TV every 5 minutes and racked you with guilt if you had ever even so much as dropped a tic-tac on the ground. These 2 weren’t quite like that. Papa had obviously had a bender the night before and was still somewhat recovering and his camo-adorned teenage son was carrying an acoustic guitar, serenading us the whole way. While I got this shot together, I realized that he was playing Killers from Iron Maiden. I hadn’t heard that song in years. Strange tune for this setting, but he was rocking it. Then, as any good 80s metal fan knows, you just look, give a head nod and say “Maiden!”………and all was right with the world.

From Utah and Arizona