Landscapes - Marc Perrella
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Daybreak in Canyonlands

I was on a photo tour of the Moab, UT area when I got this shot. We headed out pretty early and the sun was just starting to come up when we parked. A quick 3/4 mile hike and we were in front of Mesa Arch........and so were 50 other photographers (one got there at 4:30 AM).

If you have ever been to Mesa Arch, you know that it only takes about 8-10 tripods to completely cover the front of it .......looks bigger in the pictures. Well, after I realized that I wasn't getting in front, I decided to just lie down on the ground, hang my camera over the ledge....and fire away.

This was the result. It was published in Photography Week Magazine back in July. Glad to see my griping and frustration turned into something good.

From Utah and Arizona