Landscapes - Marc Perrella
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Lanai Cove

We only spent one morning in Oahu, and this was our pre-dawn destination. It’s called Lanai Cove, on the southwest corner of the island. Luckily, the place we rented for the night left a lot to be desired, so getting up 4am and leaving was just fine. There was a quick stop at a gas station for some snacks (one of us had gas station sushi, but I won’t mention WHO) and off we went…..armed with Google Maps, beef jerky and coffee…..the breakfast of ex-champions. When we finally parked, it was still pitch black out, but we stumbled upon a photographer who was also waiting for the sun to rise. He pointed us in the right direction and we started walking. This was easy, though……about a quarter of a mile walk....over a guardrail, down some rocks and we were there. Great way to ring in a new day.

From Hawaii