New York - Marc Perrella
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The Wee Small Hours of the Morning

In the wee small hours of the morning……..

A view of New York City at first light of day….taken from Frank Sinatra’s hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Everytime I visit NJ, I make this great plan. I set my alarm clock for about 5am with the idea of getting up early and driving to Hoboken (birthplace of Frank Sinatra) to watch the sunrise over NYC. Well, the first 2 steps (setting the alarm and going to bed) work great. I’m a champ at those. However, my plan always flops on the “get up early” part. Either it’s too cold, too early, too much traffic…. or (more than likely) I’m hungry and there are still some cannolis in my mothers refrigerator. But, on this one morning, I pushed past my urges for more sleep and food, and I did it. Woke up, dressed, got in the car, made the drive, grabbed a hot cup of coffee, and sat on a little bench to watch a new day break through the darkness. The sky went from black, to blue to yellow and red in just a few minutes...........And that was the perfect amount of time, because I was tired of wiping the mist off my camera lens…………and Carlo's bakery was about open…..and moms fridge was out of cannolis.